• I already have my properties on another software/page, but I would like to use the information that is there, is that possible?
    Yes, we provide a service for importing your existing database. We analyze and import everything that can be transferred, such as properties, your photos and information. Request more information
  • Is it possible to have my own domain/website address?
    Of course! X-IMO CRM team helps you set up your page for the domain that you want or, alternatively, we can help you
    Purchase a specific domain at no extra cost.
    Request more information
  • I am interested in promoting on real estate portals. Is this possible?
    Yes. We have a broad network of already-established partnerships with popular national and international real estate portals. If you know of a Portal that you would like to see listed in our partnerships, please inform us. Request more information
  • I am interested in your services, but I would like to keep my current page, is that possible?
    Yes. We can develop a page exactly like the one you have, but it will require reimplementation by our services. This reimplementation will be subject to quotation. Request more information
  • I want a custom designed website. Is this possible?
    Yes. We have a highly specialized team in the development of websites and Internet portals. We are here to analyze your needs and goals in order to provide you with the best solution. Request more information
  • Initially, do I count on your help to work with the application?
    Our priority is helping our customers get the most out of the solution. Thus, we have a specialized training service, taught by professionals with extensive and proven experience. Request more information
  • What does your solution consist of?
    X-IMO CRM is a complete solution for Managing your Real Estate Brokerage firm. It is a solution targeting Customer Relationship Management, Opportunities and Real Estate Portfolio Management. The X-IMO CRM Ecosystem is a powerful Real Estate Marketing solution capable of effectively responding to the real needs of Real Estate Brokerage firms. Request more information
  • Can I have a presentation?
    Yes, we can schedule a presentation, at your facilities or ours, at a date and time to be arranged, according to your availability. To do so, contact our commercial services using the form below or, if you prefer, by telephone 707 305 085, or by email comercial@ximo.pt. Request more information
Want to know more about X-IMO CRM? Contact us. Thank you for your feedback.
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