Real Estate Solutions
  • Digital displays and Kiosks

    Digital displays and Kiosks

    Capitalize your commercial space and windows in a modern and appealing way. Welcome and qualify customers, search and show properties.

    We offer and install functional and innovative solutions, adapted to the needs of each client and to each reception space.

    Fully automated integration with the software. Analyzing and verifying the conditions of solar exposure, public traffic, among other factors, resulting in investments that work well.
    The integration of information with the X-IMO CRM platform is complete and automatic, allowing you to make all kinds of applications within the software itself and using simple and direct operations from Customer Reception and Virtual Visits in the agency, to Real Estate Research And Qualification of Clients or to the entry of opportunities directly into the software.


    X-IMO CRM offers several options of digital LED Wall panels that adapt to various spaces. With a modular design and various pixel sizes, this is the high quality customizable solution.

    The X-IMO LED SIGNAGE allows complete integration with the X-IMO CRM database, maximizing the entire information management process.

    From your X-IMO CRM you can create and manage a list of contents to be broadcast on large-format LED Walls.
    Customizable and dynamic. This is the ideal multimedia solution for any Real Estate Agency.

    Your exclusive Corporate TV channel.
    Dedicated to communicate your brand and your services. Presentation of real estate with superior dynamic performance.

    Pure interactivity with touch through glass.
    Your database is 100% searchable even with the door closed. Automatic integration of information requests.

    Low cost but with all the features you need for a high dynamic of service to your customers. Versatile, it can be used in many applications.
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