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    Real Estate Portals

    Ensure your presence in as many ways as possible: it is the main step to significantly increase your business.

    The export to Real Estate Portals enables the full disclosure of your real estate offer through a regular and targeted exposure.

    X-IMO CRM allows the automatic export of your properties portfolio to more than 100 real estate portals - national and international.

    With X-IMO CRM you can also manually create exports to Portals that are not on this list. The service guarantees you the autonomy to create the export to specific portals for your business - create the XML, create the tags and have total freedom in the promotion of your properties.

    What can you do with the new X-IMO export engine?

    - Select which properties you send to a particular portal;

    - Validate property information before sending it to portals;

    - Access export history.

    Free National Portals


    National portals with subscription/payment

    With exports to the Portal Home Sweet Home available, will have access after accession agreement to the following portals:

    International Portals (the export to these portals is subject to the specific conditions of each portal)

    Free portals within the XML2U ( export to these portals is subject to specific conditions of XML2 )
     Portals within the XML2U with Subscription / Pay Per Lead / Shared Commissions

    …and much more!

    The integration of the real estate may depend on the acceptance of the commercial conditions of the portals.
    If you are interested in a Real Estate Portal that is not on this list or you need more information about real estate promotion, please contact our services.

    The continuity of the possibility to export real estate to any of the portals listed above does not depend on the X-IMO CRM service, this is of the responsibility of the Real Estate Portal.

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