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  • X-IMO Multimedia Solutions

    X-IMO Multimedia Solutions

    Interactivity that captures customers.

    X-IMO CRM digital signage solutions monetize every inch of your agency.

    Unlike the window display sheets, the screens show much more vivid and sharp images that catch the eye. The displays are also more efficient, easy to maintain and update.

    Sharing useful and interesting content on your agency's window has the power to captivate customers and get them to interact with your brand.

    Turn your agency into an interactive selling space.

    X-IMO CRM Display | single and dual display
    Transmit dynamic content in high quality regardless of light conditions.

    With a contemporary design, discreet cabling and flexible mounting, X-IMO CRM Display equipment naturally fits into any space.

    Dual display screens are the most versatile equipment you can have in your agency. While the exterior screen acts as a dynamic outdoor showcase, the indoor screen conveys content that captivates those already in your store. The aesthetics and functionality of the dual display are unparalleled.

    X-IMO CRM Interactive Glass

    Monetize your agency's windows.

    This is the fully integrated solution with X-IMO CRM that makes your storefront an active asset.

    Interactive Glass allows customers to interact with your agency's windows. Thus, it is possible to search listings and send requests for information beyond office hours. This is one more way to advertise your real estate portfolio.

    X-IMO LED Signage

    Differentiating and appealing.

    The X-IMO LED Signage is ideal for large-format communication.

    We have created a modular solution that allows you to configure the ideal panel for your storefront. Lightweight, with a great viewing angle, the LED Signage makes it easy to broadcast content with unmatched quality.
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