Directed to the management of the company, for the relationship and qualification of clients, X-IMO CRM was designed and developed to ensure the boosting of the real estate business, generate opportunities and ensure the flow of information.

With full and simplified access to all the information you need to manage your business, X-IMO CRM gives you the autonomy to backup your database at any time, because your information is always yours.

The X-IMO CRM creates opportunity to manage and monitor Leads, qualify and retain your Customers. It helps you organize contacts and sales actions, not limiting you, for example, to geographically distant jobs because it integrates all the features so that you get the most out of a contributor’s dislocation.

The X-IMO CRM solution also responds positively to the sector's demand in the promotion and management of real estate. With an exclusive, dynamic and integrated service of Facebook Site, an E-Mail Marketing tool and access to the best Real Estate Portals in the market - to the existing ones from the X-IMO CRM platform or even to a specific Portal for your business.

X-IMO CRM delivers the best Professional Website solutions in the market through free and custom-built structural and implementation models tailored to your business needs. X-IMO Professional Websites are optimized for both mobile navigation and SEO.

X-IMO CRM is the platform which allows you to manage business processes, which allows you to access and update information with only 2, 3 clicks, which has personalized information tailored to the client, which organizes and automates your and your team’s actions. X-IMO CRM also has digital interactive solutions to monetize and differentiate your commercial space.

With all the mobility and in only one platform, the Management of your Business and of your Team; the Management and Qualification of Clients and the Management of Business Processes.
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Everything you need to the management of your real estate business. In one platform.

How does it work?
How it works
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